AG Becerra meets with Wealth & Disparities in the Black Community--Justice for Mario Woods

Fri Jun 30, 2017 2:55:17 pm
by Tom Brown.

Yesterday CA Attorney General Becerra met with representatives of Wealth & Disparities in the Black Community--Justice for Mario Woods and appeared quite receptive to our concerns, including the possibility of his office launching an independent "pattern and practice" investigation of the SFPD at some point in the future. He said he felt he had to wait to see if Jeff Sessions' Department of Justice will do the right thing in terms of followup to its many recommendations for SFPD reform contained in its October, 2016 report.  Under the terms of that report, a followup evaluation of the City's implementation of those recommendations is due in 9 months from the date of the report, which means just about now. 

If the U.S. Attorney General lives up to his stated position of moving away from his COPS or Civil Rights Division enforcment of standards of policing, this will give the State of California Attorney General justification for intervening by launching his own civil rigths investigagion. We're not there yet, but I was delighted to hear that such an action is possible if the Feds either do nothing or issue a white-washing type of progress report.



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