Student Debt and the Insidious Privatization Agenda

Sun Jun 26, 2016 12:26:20 pm
by Tom Brown.

The false assumptions of the so-called "educational reform" movment have been adopted by most politicians regardless of party affiliation.  Public colleges and the faculty who teach our students are under attack in the name of "market efficiency."  Also under attack is the traditional liberal arts curiculum which teaches such skills as critical thinking and cultural competancy.  One of the biggest leaders of this privatization agenda is the Lumina Foundation which represents the interests of the student financial aid industry.

Most people, including parents who struggle to get their kids through college, lack a clear understanding of the depth of this stealth privatization agenda.  In a recent article from Truthout,  Benjamin Balthaser, an English professor of all things, reveals a new student loan scheme which will profit the student loan industry at the expense of liberal arts students.  Balthaser explains why the privatization agenda is a direct threat to the American educational system in clear and compelling language:



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