Christine Pelosi calls for a change in Super Delegates system for the Dems

Sat Feb 27, 2016 1:20:39 pm
by Tom Brown.

It may come as a surprise to many that Christine Pelosi has joined with Anna Galland, the executive director of Civic Action, to call for a change in how superdelegates of the Democractic Party view their representational obligations.  As Christine and Anna say in a co-authored post on the DFA NorCal list,  the 712 superdelegates to the Democratic National Convention represent 30% of the those delegates whose votes will determine who wins the Democratic Party's nomination for President. Christine happens to support Hillary Clinton while Anna Galland supports Bernie Sanders.  Yet both these women are "working moms of young children whose generation's future will be shaped by the next president".  They want their children to engage in politics, but in an environment where "people in conflict over a candidate need not be in conflict with one another."

The rationale for this change in practice, if not policy, is rooted in the Democratic party's long held support for inclusion.  "It seeks to make voting easier, not harder, and to empower and enable Americans to participate fully in the democratic process".   The authors argue that these values "will be undermined if the process used to select the Democratic nominee takes power away from voters and if the party reverts to the days of men in smoke-filled back rooms making decisions.  Voter disenfranchisment is a tool of the Right--not the Democratic Party."

It's not clear from the article whether Christine and Anna are calling for specific reform measures to be voted on by Democratic party delegates before the National Convention, or just a change in attitude by the superdelegates themselves.  Although superdelegates in the Democratic Party cast votes at the national party convention, they come from individual states which have their own voting totals from the state's presidential primary.   If Christine and Anna were proposing a formal reform in the rules for the party, the issue of whether superdelegates should honor the votes of their state voters over the collective wishes of voters at a national level would be hotly debated.   In any case, I see this as a bold move which is sure to ruffle many feathers of the Democratic Party elite.    To take action,  the Democratic superdelegates are encouraged to join Christine and Anna on #TeamDemocracy.   They are asked to "pledge to back the candidate with the most pledged delegates  determined by the voters."

This just in Christine wrote to clarify the issues I raised

1.  They can't change the superdelegate rules in time to effect the November, 2016 elections because those superdelegates already agreed to run on those rules.

2.  In 2009,  she testified to promote the following changes:

a)  reduce the total number of superdelegates

b)  have superdelegates vote with the winner of the national pledged delegates

c)  have absentee ballots at the caucuses, and

d)  fight to eliminate the electoral college.



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