Pelosi Puts the Brakes on TPP Fast Track Legislation

Sat Jun 13, 2015 12:23:26 pm
by Tom Brown.

In a surprise to many, Leader Pelosi spoke yesterday on the House floor against the Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) and Trade Promotion Authority (TPP) bills-- both of which are required to move forward with the President’s plans for the Trans Pacific Partnership agreement.   Earlier this week in San Francisco, a broad coalition of grassroots organizations rallied against the TPP outside Leader Pelosi’s office on 7th Street.   Big labor and grassroots activists are playing a major role in fighting back the momentum of the TPP.  Speaker Boehner says he will bring back the Trade Adjustment Assistance bill for reconsideration likely on Tuesday, June 16th.  If it fails to get a majority vote, the TPP will have to be sent back to the Senate and hopefully will die there.

The TPP will allow corporate tribunals to sue governments who pass financial industry regulations or environmental protections which they deem harmful to future corporate profits.  Leader Pelosi cited concern about climate change and the financial crisis on Friday, saying she would vote against both the TAA and the TPA.  After her speech, the House overwhelmingly rejected TAA bill with a vote of 126-302.  But it also narrowly approved the TPP bill with a vote of 219-211. 

Many people called Pelosi’s San Francisco or DC office this last week asking her to take a stand against the TPP.   She deserves our thanks, but also needs to be encouraged to continue her efforts to keep the breaks on what is currently dreadful legislation.  She also needs to join Senator Elizabeth Warren in a call for making the details of this secretively negotiated plan open to the public.     Leader Pelosi likes to hear  from her constituents.  Call 415-556-4862.



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