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Rules for creating a logon:  Userid and password must be at least 8 characters long.  Password must contain at least one uppercase character and one numeral.  If you do not see the Captcha information, come back later.

How to publish an event on the calendar:  If you are a member (or if you have blogging rights by some other miracle), simply click on the white area of the appropriate date on the calendar, and you can put in the info for your event.  If you want to "dress it up," click on your event after you have published it, and you will get full editing capabilities (you can even add pictures).

How to include images in your blog post:  Place your cursor where you want the image to appear, then hit the ip button (bottom row of buttons, right, before the question mark).  This custom Image Picker will allow you to drag and drop images from your computer into our image directory if you hit Add New Image; it will do all the work of resizing the file to a blog-friendly size for you, but if you want to crop it you'll need to have done that beforehand.  If you want to caption or position your image at left, right, or center, it's good to put it inside a table (4th row of buttons, third button from left).  To further resize or otherwise manipulate the image once it's been placed, double-click on it and fill in the parameters.

Other blogging hints:  If you compose your post in Word or another processor, try not to do any more formatting than necessary before you post your entry into our blog editor; things like special fonts and font sizes will likely prevent your post from being correctly resized for cellphones.

More help is on the way.

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