About Us

At every turn when there has been an imbalance of power, the truth questioned,

or our beliefs and values distorted, the change required to restore our nation has

always come from the bottom up, from our people.

-- Governor Howard Dean, MD


Mission Statement

Inspired by the leadership of Howard Dean, San Francisco for Democracy is an inclusive community committed to the values underlying our democracy equal opportunity, civil rights, a healthy environment, fiscal responsibility, affordable health care, quality education, and social justice for all Americans and peace and security achieved through international cooperation.

Our purpose is to restore citizens ownership of our democracy by mobilizing grassroots participation in the political process. San Francisco for Democracy supports candidates and issues through a combination of education, fundraising, community organizing, and direct action at the national, state and local levels. San Francisco for Democracy works to ensure that elected officials are held accountable to the electorate.


Who We Are

  • We are a grassroots organization dedicated to civic engagement, volunteerism, voter education and participation, and progressive, hands-on activism.
  • We help regular citizens get involved in public policy and political decisions and run for office themselves!
  • We are non-partisan and unaffiliated with any political party. Were more interested in making progress than we are in checking labels.
  • We are distressed by the growing power of corporate and wealthy interests in our political system, and aim to counterbalance that with extraordinary people power.
  • We focus on the nuts and bolts of progressive civic activism and provide training and education.
  • We actively use online as well as more traditional forms of outreach to share information with our members and the general public.
  • We aim to be open and inclusive to people of all backgrounds, whether members of our organization or not, who support our mission and want to participate with us.
  • We partner and work in coalition with other progressive groups.


Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.

Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

-- Margaret Mead


One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics

is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.



How to Get Involved with San Francisco for Democracy


  • Meetup! The first Wednesday of every month is our Meetup, an informal gathering to discuss political issues, learn about upcoming volunteer opportunities, and take simple, effective action like writing to voters in swing states. Meetups are open to the public so bring a friend.


  • Volunteer! Check out the calendar of events on our Website for upcoming volunteer opportunities for voter registration, letter writing, phone banking, and canvassing to get out the vote (GOTV), among others.


  • Dean Corps! In addition to volunteering on political campaigns, we participate in and organize community service projects such as helping to feed people at Glide Memorial, cleaning up our beaches and parks, and donating blood.


  • Become a Member! By becoming a dues paying member, you can vote on organizational decisions and endorsements at our membership meetings and provide crucial resources to help build our new organization. For more information, visit ?v=page&n=join or e-mail membership@sf4democracy.org.


  • Join a committee! If you have some extra time to give, join one of our working committees Administration, Communications, Finance, Membership, Outreach and Voter Registration, Political Affairs, Program by contacting the committee chair.




In the United States, only half of those eligible to vote do. Voter turnout is at an all time low. Important decisions about our national security, the economy, health care, education, our civil rights, and our environment are increasingly made by people who do not represent the interests of most Americans. We can change this, starting now. The future of our democracy is at stake, so please, get involved at whatever level of participation works best for you. Remember, together, we have the power to take our country back!






San Francisco for Democracy

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